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How does it work ?


1. You contact us 

Contact us vis our online form (or by phone).

Do not hesitate to attach your current CV (or the job offer you wish to apply for) so that we can make a first analysis

2. We fix a phone call together

We will contact you within 24 hours (working day) to arrange a phone call (approx. 30 minutes) during which we will advise you and discuss your current resume, your career path and your professional aspirations. 

3. We deliver the new CV (version 1)

Labo-CV writes, customizes, and structures your new resume (or letter) to make it professional, clear and impactful.
The documents are usually delivered within 6
 working days.

4. We deliver the final CV 

Want to modify something on the version 1 ? Don't hesitate to notify us of your desired changes and we will make the necessary adjustments. Once your CV is finalized, we will send it you in PDF format with a link that allows you to modify and adapt it at any time.

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