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Nearly 80% of customers who have used Labo-CV's services have landed a job !


Source: Survey conducted among 112 Labo-CV customers (December 2023)

What does Labo-CV do?

Specializing in the production of application files corresponding to the standards of the current job market, Labo-CV offers a professional writing and graphics service , in order to strengthen your employability by highlighting your skills and thus increase your chances of landing a job interview.


Everything you need to land your dream job:
we do it for you!

● Creation of professional and modern CVs

● Writing a cover letter

● Creation or optimization of the LinkedIn profile

● CV and LinkedIn photo shoot

● Translation of documents

● Coaching and preparation for job interviews

Why use Labo-CV?

One-to-one interview

You benefit from a call with one of our coaches to discuss your profile and current situation.

Modern and professional CV

Your CV is tailor-made and formatted by our job-coaches to highlight your skills.


Your CV contains relevant keywords for your industry to be compatible with recruitment software.


Our job-coaches are experts in recruitment, with in-depth knowledge of the Swiss job market.


Your CV can be modified and personalized by you at any time and is compatible with recruitment software.

Boost your chances of landing a job!

Our clients have landed jobs
renowned companies


« I recommend Labo CV to anyone looking for a job or wanting to update their CV or LinkedIn profile. The team is attentive, professional, competent, and quick in execution. It's a small investment but very fruitful. A big thank you to Sofia and Denise. »

Resume & Letter


« Great photos and advice. Thank you very much!!!!  »


« Exceptional services that far exceeded my expectations: Excellent work was done on my CV, cover letter, and the creation and optimization of my LinkedIn profile! It's perfect! I couldn't have done better. Sofia highlighted my skills and needs perfectly. She immediately understood who I was and the objectives of my professional project. Thank you for her efficiency, responsiveness, speed, meeting deadlines, active listening, support, positive energy, and all the valuable advice I received for the continuation of my project. I am delighted to have found a true job coach who places humanity at the heart of her work! She quickly put me at ease. She is simply incredible! Gratitude! Great professionalism, I highly recommend! »

Sokhanara NOV

January 2024

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